I am by no means a professional wedding photographer. However, for the fun and experience of it all, I often play second photographer at weddings alongside Vaughan McCue of Heart Photography. Vaughan has been a good friend and mentor and shown me around the complexities and nerves of wedding photography.

I really love the romantic and priceless memories that can be created at such a special occasion. The fact that everyone is happy and excited makes for fantastic photo opportunities.

Each wedding I have done is for the wedding couple and their families and friends only, and as such, this gallery represents a selection of the images from those weddings that enables the couples to keep their privacy and anonymity.

If you'd like to leave feedback, I'd love to hear it:

  • Chuck De La Rosa

    on October 30, 2008

    Nice work Kim. Remember me? Timelode from Worth1000. I haven't spent much time on Worth lately. I've been asked to shoot a wedding for some friends of my daughter and ran across your work in my search for ideas. Hope things are well.

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